Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dark beautiful girl

Look up and see four pail white people
and in the distance a dark beautiful
person is standing by herself smiling down.
This child will be deaf,
silence is her noise.
That dark beautiful girl strived to communicate
with this girl that would never hear.
Looking at hatred through out the family tree,
I cannot hear what is being said....
Violence is all I see.
People are laughing maybe there was a funny joke.
The sister the enemy says they're laughing at me.
A miracle has come,
the deaf child will now be able to hear.
No longer happy, content with myself
I think they're all for some reason mad at me.
How strange.
See and hear racism in the family,
although the family is mixed.
See and hear hatred and violence thinking
it was never here.
The dark beautiful girl, the sister, the best friend,
now a young lady says
Jess, it has always been this way.
So I sit here wishing I was deaf
So I could see what I wanted to hear.
Wrote this in Junior High.

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