Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Am From

'I am from silence, muffled sounds all around me; surgeries try to fix the 'problem', now if I focus the sounds are clear.

I am from the cold dark nights, never knows what would happen next.

I am from abuse, terror and betrayal never truly understanding the meaning of love.

I am from diversity, she is black I am white. The racist people affecting my family, she is the best sister and friend you could ask for.

I am from Ireland, or Eire, green grass, religious wars, my heritage and the usual pub where all the troubles go away.

I am from Catholicism, forced to go as a child, now the ritual, the Eucharist, the feelings that bring comfort and joy.

I am from the snowy mountains, intimidating, challenging, success, all I need are my skis and I am off to find my peace.

I am from death, suicide, murder, car accidents, and war. Loved ones dying left and right. Somehow people try to make excuses although we never know why.

I am from family, so far apart. A strange thing happening with no answers, again just excuses. Now I know what happened was wrong. Yet the love that I have for them is still there.

I am from healing and change, no more Whaley I cna go to the regular school, now I am me for me, as my own.

I am from my faith, so weak at one point but how strong it has been to pull me through all the bad and the good. Without it I probably wouldn't be here. With out it the truth wouldn't be so clear.


Wrote in highschool.
I remember writing this for a school assignment. I was just starting to have flashbacks of the incest that took place as a child. I was engaged at the time. I was a full time mom to my best friends son. I was getting high on a regular basis to keep up with life.

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